Oil and gas logistics require experienced, dedicated services. There is no room for error. Mistakes can be costly.


EMCO Energy delivers unrivalled standards of service reliability, transparency and safety that eliminate the risks associated with managing, controlling and transporting oil and gas materials across the globe.

We differentiate our service through the quality of the people we deploy, the tried and tested processes we develop and the headland locations we operate from.

Companies demand excellence from their resources.  Plus deep domain knowledge of all areas within the sector. It is a matter of trust. The peace of mind you get when you have complete confidence in your resources.

EMCO Energy experts provide a full range of services. Customized logistics solutions for specific needs. And turnkey solutions 24/7.

EMCO Energy Company can be used as an importer for toning services-bring products, process it with existing refineries in CIS and then export it.

Our specialist can help you as well with registration of documents for export of products to the foreign market


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